Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Last night's soaping session was less than satisfying. The lilac soap seized up on me and I had to glop it into the mole.  The cupcakes I tried to make have been turned into soap balls and the heart cakes will be cut up for samples.
In the light of a new day, the lilac doesn't look to awfully bad.  I kind of like the purple melt and pour effect - the color didn't come out all that great and the small amount of melt and pour brightens it up.  The lemongrass came out okay, but the green swirl doesn't show up.  I didn't have enough oils for the two molds so the bars are kind of skimpy.  I'll pack those and sell them at a reduced rate.  I have decided that I really don't want to move my whole soaping operation down stairs.  I will measure the oils and do the packaging down there, but I don't like to do the actual soapmaking there.  I don't have enough counter space and the lighting isn't very good.

Today I measured some more oils and ran out of castor oil.  I went to order more and my supplier is out.  Grrrrrr.  I love this supplier, but I am in the middle of a batch and I need that oil so I will go elsewhere just this one time.

Tonight I made a batch of Maple Syrup Festival.  I put a swirl in it this time.  The dark swirl is cocoa and cinnamon.  When the soap cures, there should be a lighter swirl in there also as the fragrance oil has some vanilla in it which darkens the soap.  I reserved some without the FO and I am hoping that swirl will emerge eventually.   Even if it doesn't, the soap should come out really pretty.  The cocoa and cinnamon really brought out the maple scent.  I smells soooooo good.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

 I ordered a new mold today. It is silicone lined and it's a double mold with a "dam" feature to shorten the second log.  That will work well for me because my batches are too big for a single mold and too small for a double.  I have a log cutter on my wish list.  :)

The other day I placed an Etsy order.  It came today.  It was from Ariel's Secret Garden.  This is a mom and daughter duo and they do an awesome job.  Their videos caught my eye during the recent snowstorm.  I wasn't really looking for "how to's" so much as a peek into someone else's soaping room.  I found a whole new world of soaping on You Tube.  Now, about the order.  First of all, I ordered it last Friday so the shipping was super fast. Opening the box was like Christmas morning.

                                                                     I bought this:

and it came packaged like this:

I also bought this:  

And here is how it looks in my bathroom.  Of course the soap in it was made by me.  The cake soap isn't fully cured yet so I will be waiting until March to use it.  That's okay because it is so pretty I don't even want to open it.

Just the items I ordered would have been a thrill because they were wrapped in such pretty tissue and the shipping box was stamped with pretty stamps.  There was a lovely postcard with a note on the back from Ariel.

But they also put in a full cake of Powder Room rose soap, and a couple of samples of their other soaps.  And they also put in a bath bomb.  Since we have no tub anymore, I will give that to one of my daughters to enjoy.

It was just a very fun experience.  It was obvious that whomever packed that box really loves what she does!!

Their videos can be found on You Tube.  Here is one featuring the soap I bought.  

Here's another good one:

Word of the day:
Monday of the Fifth week in Ordinary Time
Today the Church celebrates : Bl. Rosalie Rendu, Daughter of Charity (1786-1856)
Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark 6:53-56.

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