Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
God Bless Our Troops

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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
We love what we do!

Thurs. June 12, 2008 - Atkins Induction Day 3

On the lowcarb front:
Not much to report except that I am feeling really good.

I am making contacts with a lot of supportive people. It's all about support and community. There is a saying in OA to the effect that many can do what one can't do alone. Remember way back in the 70's when Jean Nidecht founded Weight Watchers? The success didn't actually have anything to do with the diet. Weight Watchers was originally based on the diabetic exchange diet. What made Weight Watchers different was the camaradarie, the fellowship, the accountability, the structure.

Have you ever noticed on message boards that when people are struggling, they tend to stop posting? I'm like that too. We tend to beat ourselves up and then drop out of the group. That is the absolute worst thing we can do, but there it is.

Here is my menu for the day:
Omelette with sour cream, cheese, and Salsa
Mocha latte double

Romain salad with ranch dressing
Chicken salad on revoloopsie roll

Advantage bar

Don't know yet - Probably the pork steak that Harold took out of the freezer and forgot to eat. LOL!

On the business front:
Made apple jack 'n peel soap last night because my mica powders haven't arrived. It looked pretty gross in the mold - something one of the kids creatively dubbed "bubbling brains".

The finished bars look pretty nice though. I love apple jack 'n peel - especially in the fall. It seems to be a classic favorite at our craft shows.

On the home front:
For the last few weeks we have been investigating high speed internet. We are out in the country so our options are limited. We took home a data card to try. I was hooked! But DH keeps going back and forth between a data card and a dedicated cell phone. At this point I don't care which. His reasoning on the cell phone is that we can drop our land line and assign that number to the cell phone. (We've had our landline number forever and we're afraid to let it go.)
Good point. Make up your mind and do it already!!

It's time for the yearly "when can you get off for vacation" discussion. It starts like this.

DH: When can you get off for vacation?
Me: What month are you thinking?
DH: Some time in July
ME: Could you narrow it down? (I'm a church musician - I work weekends) Are we talking Saturday to Saturday? Saturday to Sunday? What? 'Cause I need to get back up.
DH: I don't know - I'm not even sure we can get the place.
Me: (mentally having a conversation with the substitute organist) "Hi Sue, can you sub for me some time in July? I'm not sure when and I may need you for a weekend and an extra Saturday. Let me know will ya.

It eventually all works out, but for some reason the church thinks that because they are paying me, my tush should be on the organ bench - or at least a substitute tush. Slave drivers!!

On the work front:
Got to church last night around 7:00. Waiting for me were several cantors, one of whom had her pool pump and rubber scrubby broom thingy in hand. We were ready, we were focused; empty the font, clean it out, fill the font - and in the down times, practice the music for this weekend. The reality: as I was putting the cantor book on the ambo in the santuary, I noticed some bat offerings on the altar - eyyweeeeewww!! So we started looking around the church. That %&*$^% bat (and possibly several friends) visited every single pew. The thing you need to know about our church is that it is carpeted. A mustardy yellow plush carpeting. And not just the floor. The pews are also carpeted. And they are not straight. They are curved because our church is a designer church and it is round. So it wasn't a matter of tripping merrily through the place with a broom and dustpan. Oh no - we had to drag out the custodian's work horse. This thing weighs a ton and our church is not small. We pulled out the humongous extension cord and took turns removing the evidence of our nocturnal parishioner. It was 9:00 o'clock before we left. God bless you, Marlene, Jennifer, Angela, Teresa, and James. I hope St. John of Alma had a good laugh from his heavenly home.

Later . . .

God bless our troops.

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