Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Wed. June 4 - Day 3 Atkins Induction

On the Lowcarb Front:
This is day 3. I have 2 days of Atkins induction behind me. Do you think the scale rewarded me? Nope. I am up a half pound. The sticks are stubbornly not purple. (Yes I know they don't turn purple for everyone, but they always have for me. I have a theory about this. At my age, the TOM days are behind me, but . . . I have a suspicion that certain hormonal cycles still continue. There was only one time when those the sticks didn't turn purple (assuming I wasn't off track) and that was during TOM. Even though the scale and the sticks are not co-operating, I am committed to this 2 week stint. Hopefully, some day soon, the "woooosh fairy" will visit me.

I had intended to work out this morning, but it didn't quite pan out. What I need to do is just get it over with first thing in the morning so that I have it. Hopefully, as the weight goes down and I have more energy, I will get myself moving sooner in the morning.

I have been doing pretty well on drinking water too!

Here is today's menu:

1 piece lowcarb cheesecake
mocha latte (coffee with cream)

Atkins Caramel Brownie bar

Romaine lettuce with bacon bits and ranch dressing
Chicken salad on revoloopsie rolls

Omelette with salsa and sour cream

On the home front:
The boxed toilet is still sitting in the dining room. Tonight is supposed to be the night.

On the Flylady front:
Worked on decluttering the laundryroom (entryway). The guys are going to be putting in a new window which happens to be in the cubby where I keep all of my music files for church. The cubby wouldn't need decluttering if that's all I kept there, but it seems to be a catchall for those things I just don't know what to do with. Like that brand new keyboard in a box that I might need some day. Actually, that is probably a legitimate keeper. The 10 year old planners could probably take a hike. Anyway, the bookcase that sits in the cubby is now empty and awaiting the putting in of a new window above it. Of course I still have to deal with the stuff I took out of it, but there are only so many 15 minute segments in a day until school is out for the summer.

I have another wake service tonight and a funeral tomorrow.

On the Kimkins front:
The Fascination thread is strangely quiet which makes me wonder if there is something going on behind the scenes that some of us are not privy to.



mariasol said...

Hang in there. I lost nothing on 2 weeks of induction. My body just resists change in a very stubborn way. Eventually the scale started to move down so it's important not to give up and decide that the diet doesn't work.

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Thank you so much for the words of support, Mariasol! I will definitely hand in there just because I feel so much better. I know that the diet works - it's my body that wants to give me grief - LOL!