Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
God Bless Our Troops

Click on the cabin below to see our family website.

Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
We love what we do!
We took the last stocking order from Ebay last night. This morning I found a query from someone who wanted stockings. If this order comes through, we will have made 144 stockings this season. That's over twice as many as last year. We have indeed been blessed. I want to get everything shipped by December 1.

I like to relax and enjoy the season in December, but there are still last minute business things to take care of; gift basket orders, website orders etc. In the first week of December I take stock of those things I need to do. What I will get the family, packaging up gift boxes for mailing, Christmas cards, not to mention all that is going on at church - children's choir, adult choir, additional Masses for Our Lady of Guadalupe, plus our advent reconcilliation services.

The snow covers the ground outside. It looks Christmasy. I have held off from playing any Christmas music yet, except for what is on this blog, but even that is not overtly Christmas. But on Friday, all the stops come out! Mannheim Steamroller will play from dawn to dusk. LOL!

Next week I need to get back on track with my workouts. When things get hectic, that is the only wiggle room I have time-wise, except for my blog time. I need that, though. I need to touch base with the word of the day in order to stay grounded.

Word of the day:
Wednesday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Lk 21:12-19

Jesus said to the crowd:
“They will seize and persecute you,
they will hand you over to the synagogues and to prisons,
and they will have you led before kings and governors
because of my name.
It will lead to your giving testimony.
Remember, you are not to prepare your defense beforehand,
for I myself shall give you a wisdom in speaking
that all your adversaries will be powerless to resist or refute.
You will even be handed over by parents,v brothers, relatives, and friends,
and they will put some of you to death.
You will be hated by all because of my name,
but not a hair on your head will be destroyed.
By your perseverance you will secure your lives.”

Thoughts from the cornfield:
It's all about faith and trust. When fears set in we would do well to pray for an increase both.
Here is a little message about faith and trust, courtesy of 2 of our nieces (Laura and Kathlene) and their husbands (Ryan and Drew) who comprise the Christian drama group One Time Blind.

God bless our troops!

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