Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27, day 13 in the motor home

Got up about 6:00 this morning. As Dad was coming back from his shower he spotted a black bear out in front of the RV park. We looked for him as we were driving out but never saw him again. (the bear, not Dad)

We drove toward Seward and stopped at the Exit glacier. We hiked a little over a mile to get there. It was raining. Hard! I found out that though my jacket is rainproof, it is not waterproof. We got soaked. Other than that, it was a fun hike.

Back on the road, we stopped into a gift shop on our way to Seward. This is where we met the “awesome gift shop girls.” (Hi Heather and Meghan!) We should have gotten a picture of them together, but we didn’t think of it. In fact, we had to get Meghan’s picture on our way back through.

Next we went to the Marine science building in Seward. Parked about ¼ mile from the building and braved the rain (sans jackets because they were soaked) to enter the museum. It was really, really cool. We got to see sea lions as they swam underwater. We also got to watch puffins dive and swim underwater. I took videos of the sea lion and of some jelly fish. I have them posted on my blog and on Photobucket. After we finished here, we again slogged ¼ mile back to the RV.

Did a little shopping and ended back up in Cooper’s landing at the same RV park we were at on Saturday night. Still haven’t gotten hold of Sarah so it looks like we won’t be seeing her.

Tomorrow we will head for Anchorage where we will look around the city and then we have to pack to come home, turn the RV in, get a taxi to the airport and head for home!!

As nice as it has been here, we have missed everyone and can’t wait to get home.


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Heather said...

This is one of the "Awesome Gift Shop Girls" just saying hi from Alaska!