Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Logs sent to kids:

Thursday, July 23, day 9 in the motor home

Started out the day doing laundry. This Laundromat had to be seen to be believed. There was coffee, free WIFI, and about a zillion people. The washers and dryers faced each other so if there were 2 people using washers and another 2 drying, it got to be a pretty tight fit.

We stopped at a little woodcarvers mall. We went into a jerky shop and got to talking with a man who started a program where they ship jerky out to the troops. It all started when a couple of moms came in to buy some for their sons. Two days later the president of the Wounded Warriors entered the shop and from there the program has grown. We took some cool pics at the woodcarvers mall and you can see them on the photo bucket site.

We watched some people cutting and cleaning clams. That was pretty interesting to watch. Dad will probably go clamming tomorrow.

We got to Homer Spit RV park at about 4:00. Turns out we do have electric and wifi because Dad didn’t get the spot right down by the beach. We get 2 hours of complimentary wifi. We walked down to see the boat we’ll be on and stopped at the fish cleaning station to watch them cleaning fish. We went through some shops which is usually my thing, but my back is tight and I don’t want to risk having it go out tomorrow.

Melisa we mailed home some packages - do not open them tee hee, but know that they will be coming. No, it’s not our dirty clothes - yet.

Friday, July 24, day 10 in the motor home:

Got up at 4:45 this morning to board the charter boat. We lugged along a cooler, lunch, rain gear, camera, and other assorted necessities. Our fishing buddies were Marie and Sammie from Atlanta Georgia, and Jack and his son-in-law David, plus our captain, Bob Ward. We rode for about an hour on the ocean and saw a bear on the shore. Dad took a pic, but it was fuzzy because it was raining out.

When we got to our fishing spot, Bob set the anchor and got each of us set up. Jack caught the first fish before anyone else's hook was baited. My first fish was 17” and I kept it because I thought that was good. I found out later that it was the smallest any of us caught. My next catch was over 25 pounds and I’m pretty sure it was the biggest catch of the day. Dad caught several and threw them back before catching his 2 big ones.

I was soaked to the skin. I think because I was sitting, the water didn’t roll off my suit.
It was exciting, but I don’t think fishing will be a regular thing for me. This was great though.

We got back in around 11:00 and got our picture taken and watched the guys cut up the fish. Then we headed back to Soldatna where we are staying at the Edgewater RV resort.

A-Ward Charters
Saturday, July 25, 2009 - Day 11 in the motor home

Not much to report today. We loafed around the trailer park in Soldotna - not really loafed, just weren’t in any big hurry. Dad is reading a book! Let me repeat that, Dad is reading a book. He spent about an hour before he went up to take a shower. After getting stuff put away we headed up town where we met Dad’s cousin Theresa and her boyfriend Kim. We ate at a little microbrewery while Dad and Theresa reminisced about the old days. The restaurant was really cool! After that we went with them to a bazaar that Kim’s mother was at. Dad bought 10 tickets for a drawing for a quilt but he didn’t win.

We are now at an RV park in Cooper’s landing and Dad is frying up some of the Halibut we caught. This is the most expensive place we’ve been yet. $5.00 for a shower, sheesh. We opted to forego tomorrow’s shower and spend the money on internet access. Any news from home? It’s what we look for first thing when we log on.

As I was working on the computer, Dad came running in and told me to follow him down to the river. The attached pic should pretty much tell the story.

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