Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Wednesday, July 22, 20069

Here are the last two logs I sent the kids.

Tuesday, July 21, day 7 in the motor home

Today started out uneventful enough. We got on the road about 8:30 this morning. Dad wanted to stop at the Bureau of Land Management. He was in there an hour (I’ll just be right back). When he finally came back I found out he was trying to stake a gold claim. Turns out it was a little more complicated than he figured so that dream is out the window. (It wasn’t a lifelong dream, I don’t think - just an idea he got from an RV park neighbor.)

We continued on to the North Pole. Hit a bit of a snag there because some bright person thought it would be a good idea to put an expressway smack dab through the middle of town. We circled twice before we found the visitors center. There was a couple there from Rose City who know Aunt Molly and Uncle Tom. Small world. We took a few pictures and then headed over to the Santa Store where we got to sit on Santa’s lap. That is the first and only picture you will ever see of me sitting on Santa’s lap.

We looked around there for a while and then headed for Delta Junction. (We ate breakfast at 8:00 - it is now 12:00) We get about 30 minutes down the road and Dad wants me to take a picture. I take the picture (I take really good pictures) and then went to put the camera in the case. Hmmmmm, where is the camera case? Not where it should be. Guess where it was - back at the visitors center where we took a picture. We had both cameras, but the case had batteries and a battery charger that Dad had bought so back we went to the visitor center. Once there, Dad had to wait in line. (Now it is 1:00) We got back on the road at 1:30 (no lunch yet). We headed for the junction again. A 3 hour stretch of driving with no civilization in sight. Lots of mountains and beautiful scenery, but no people, no gas stations, no nothing. At 3:00 it occurs to dad that we should probably eat so he breaks out the cheezits. At 3:30 I gave up the idea of lunch and ate a bagel with peanut butter and some frozen grapes. (thank goodness we were in a motor home).

As we headed for Paxon, an oncoming vehicle flashed his lights at us. A little further down the road we found out why. There was a moose. He crossed from my side of the road over to Dad’s side. We got a picture. Cool!!!

Another 2 hours and we rolled into Paxon. Very weird little restaurant. Hamburgers were 10 dollars. We ordered fries ($5.00 each), not the best thing for my blood sugar, but the cheapest on the menu. We split a diet coke. Later Dad told me that he saw the cashier - a rather rotund older man - wander into the kitchen and help himself to some of our fries. Hmmmmm. After that another hour or 2 of nobody in sight. (Guess that’s why they can get 10 bucks for a hamburger at “la cafĂ© Paxon.”

We finally found an RV park in Glenn Allen. Wifi and the works. Hooha

Gotta go - Dad wants on the computer.

Wednesday, July 22, day 8 in the motor home

Not much to report today. We’ve been on the road most of it. Ran into a lot of construction and delays. Dad saw a bear, but I didn’t turn quick enough to see it. Spent a lot of time going in circles thanks to Lady Garmin who didn’t seem to know which end was up. We are now at the Moose River campgrounds 7 miles outside of Soldatna. We had to do a lot of backtracking to find this place. The WIFI is not a great connection but it’s better than the one we’ll have tomorrow night. The RV park we’re staying in has the great attraction of “having your face right in it.” I’m not sure what that means except that there will be no electricity or WIFI. Not my favorite combo. However, we stopped at JoAnn’s today and got some yarn and crochet hooks. Made the construction stops a little less boring.

We also stopped at a hardware store to buy some boots for “clamming.” Now I’ll have boots to get out to the saphouse when the mud is bad. We still haven’t seen Sarah. I sent her an email, but she hasn’t responded. I am really hoping that we’ll get to stop in, but if it interferes with vacation, we won’t be stopping.

I think this is the first day that we haven’t done any sightseeing at all - just a long day of driving. Lots of mountains with clouds circling around them.

Six more days and we’ll be on our way home!!

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