Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Good morning. I have morning mass with the kids this morning followed by a funeral. Then it's home to get this house in some kind of order. I can't use my kitchen sink because it is leaking - grrrrr. I have a wedding rehearsal tonight and in between I have to get some stockings made. I am shipping out a couple of orders today, including one large order from the website. It included several of our pillar candles which I pour to order so I have been a bit busy.

Harold has been in Canada and he gets home tonight. I had hoped to get a lot accomplished, for instance the 14 shutters that need to be painted. I got 3 of them done, but that's because yesterday I canned spaghetti sauce and made candles. I can only do one of them at a time because my hand cramps up. They were black. I am painting them burgundy. I left enough of the black showing through to give them a nice aged look. I think they're going to look really nice on the house.

Word of the day:
Friday of the Twenty-fourth week in Ordinary Time
Today the Church celebrates : Saint Thomas of Villanova (+1555), Bishop
Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 8:1-3.

Afterward he journeyed from one town and village to another, preaching and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. Accompanying him were the Twelve and some women who had been cured of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out, Joanna, the wife of Herod's steward Chuza, Susanna, and many others who provided for them out of their resources.


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