Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This morning I had 3 of the grandkids here.  I decided to work on a rug since I can stay in one place an keep an eye on the monkeys.  Madison is a big help in handing me strips - keeps me from having to keep reaching for them.  I got up to go get something and came back to this:

Madison loves to "make rugs."  She has a specific protocol - she has to have her shoes on (which for some reason she skipped in the above picture). 

We have about 6 weeks until the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival so I have to close in on finishing up any soap we want to have for sale in the next 2 weeks.

Nothing gets me out of a funk like making soap. Today I decided to do something fun and make cupcakes. Madison and Claire love soapie cupcakes.  I made a batch scented with Fairy Tales.

I also tried out a new scent.  I purchased it for my brother-in-law to try.  I'm not sure if it is a scent I will keep.  I'll post a pic of it cut up tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes at the Syrup Festival.  I swirled with with black which morphed to dark green - go figure.  I will probably call it Praire Moon. 

I also packaged the County Fair this week.  Packaged other soaps last week.  Should be pretty well stocked up for soap for the syrup festival.

Word of the day:
Tuesday of the Fourth week of Lent
Saint(s) of the day : St. Joseph Bilczewski, Bishop (1860-1923), St Maria Josefa of the Heart of Jesus, Religious (1842-1912)
Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 5:1-16.

There was a feast of the Jews, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
Now there is in Jerusalem at the Sheep (Gate) a pool called in Hebrew Bethesda, with five porticoes.
In these lay a large number of ill, blind, lame, and crippled.

One man was there who had been ill for thirty-eight years.
When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had been ill for a long time, he said to him, "Do you want to be well?"
The sick man answered him, "Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; while I am on my way, someone else gets down there before me."
Jesus said to him, "Rise, take up your mat, and walk."
Immediately the man became well, took up his mat, and walked. Now that day was a sabbath.
So the Jews said to the man who was cured, "It is the sabbath, and it is not lawful for you to carry your mat."
He answered them, "The man who made me well told me, 'Take up your mat and walk.'"
They asked him, "Who is the man who told you, 'Take it up and walk'?"
The man who was healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had slipped away, since there was a crowd there.
After this Jesus found him in the temple area and said to him, "Look, you are well; do not sin any more, so that nothing worse may happen to you."
The man went and told the Jews that Jesus was the one who had made him well.
Therefore, the Jews began to persecute Jesus because he did this on a sabbath.

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