Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Claire stayed here yesterday because she wasn't feeling well.  By late morning she was feeling well enough to work on the Spare Bedroom Quilt.  We finished 3 blocks!!

Untrimmed block

Trimmed Block
Then she was ready for a break so I worked on Garrett's quilt for a bit.  Garrett is the last of the grandkids to get a quilt.  Life was quite busy there for a while.  Garrett loves balls of all kinds, so this fabric has soccer balls on it. His latest fascination is with Jake the Pirate.  He likes to sneer and say "Arhggg"

Garrett's Quilt
Today I got quite a bit accomplished.  Harold roasted a huge chicken on Sunday and I had do something with the meat that was left from eating on Sunday.  I bagged up 2 packages with 4 cups each of cut chicken.  With the remaining chicken I made chicken pot pie.  It was a double recipe and made 2 pans full - enough Harold and Meghan for lunch and enough left over for Sam and Kelli's family, Melisa and Justin's family, and Nina
and Jamie's family.  

While the Chicken Pot Pie was baking, Meghan and I decided to make another block for the Spare Bedroom Quilt.  I have a mid arm quilting machine on layaway at the local sewing center.  The Spare Bedroom Quilt will be the first bed quilt I will attempt on it.  I have to finish farm taxes (my self imposed requirement) in order to bring it home. 

I made a batch of soap tonight - Berry Pickin'.  It's one of my favorites for Spring or Summer. The scent is black raspberry vanilla and it is Mmmmm   Mmmmm.


Earlene L. said...

You can tell they are so proud!

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Earlene, they are very excited about sewing. I took the youngest one to our local quilt shop and she was fascinated.