Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
God Bless Our Troops

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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I just heard that the government is cracking down on the amount of sugar we should be consuming and easing up on coffee and salt.  Actually, the government is the last place I'd go for diet advice, but glad to hear they are catching up.  After all, I am pretty sure that coffee is a food group.

Yesterday I went to lunch with two friends.  It was a pleasant time!  Afterwards I stopped in at the office at St. Mary and chatted with a couple of former co-workers.  The ache is starting to heal a bit.  I stopped in because I am working on a scent blend that smells like Chrism and I wanted an opinion on how close I am.  Todd will be ordained to the permanent deaconate in 2017 and a former Shepherd student will be ordained to the priesthood.  Diane and Todd both liked the scent, but I want to tweak it a bit more.  I decided to go to the staff party on Sunday.  I am ready to heal.   I have also decided to remain in the Diocesan choir.  

Wednesday nights are Word and Communion services at St. Patrick.  I have decided to attend those.  I like the people and the fellowship.  Clay and Claire went with Harold and I.

Last night I bottled the rest of the Peppermint foaming soap and today I made a batch of Country Apple.  

I have been having a ball designing labels.  I have started purchasing from a company online that has templates for the labels.  It is much easier to keep organized and to experiment with new designs.  They may be a bit more expensive, but the time I save trying to use PSE is worth something.

I just finished the stocking order that came in a few days ago.  They need to be sewn and made ready to ship.  I also forced myself to go up into the attic and organize and sort my inventory.  

I ordered a graphic for a grungy jar candle that I want to make available at the Shepherd Maple Syrup festival - but before I do that I gave myself one major project for the day.   I have to sort and put away the laundry.  Tomorrow the Christmas stuff gets put away.  I leave the winter decor out until Lent so basically the tree and the Santa stuff has to go.  The porch lights stay.  

Today I am getting my diet under control.  With the stress at the church over the last few months, I did a lot of stress eating and gained about 20 pounds.  Need to get on the stick with that.

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