Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
God Bless Our Troops

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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Well, I have been a total recalcitrant today.  After staying up until 3:00 finishing my quilt top and sandwiching it for quilting, I got up, cleaned the kitchen, gave the laundry room a cursory once over, did a couple of rows on the quilt I am repairing for my daughter, all the while itching to get the new quilt under my needle.  I intended to limit myself to 30 minutes.  Yeah, right.  Oh, the lies I tell myself!   This is the first time I have done a bed quilt on my quilting machine, Lena.  I have done a queen sized quilt, but that was a quilt-as-you go before I acquired Lena.   So, there is a whole new learning curve.  I have done smaller quilts that I could turn in the direction I wanted to quilt.  Well, with a full sized quilt, there is no turning - trust me.  Now I have to learn to quilt in any direction without turning my work.  Longarmers have no choice so they learn to do it right up front.   I pinned my quilt because I am trying to wean myself off of using quilt spray.  I had enough pins to stabilize the center of the quilt, so that is where I started.

The first square looks a bit pathetic.  I immediately whipped it off the machine so I could see what it looked like on the bed.  Of course, that spurred me on to wanting to do another square - then that led to the third square and then I took myself in hand and reluctantly left my quilting room.

I have other chores to do.  The cursory laundry room stint from this morning meant that I moved all of my stray stuff back to the basement from whence it came.  I store a lot downstairs, but I also have to use it up here so I get a lot of stair stepping in in the course of a day.  All of that stuff needs to be put away. 

Now I have to inventory our mixes and ingredients - not nearly as soul-satisfying as quilting, but then once it's done I feel really good (and I reward myself with extra quilting.)

I am on day three of keeping my carbs down.  I have found that keeping something by the sewing machine to work on when the urge to nosh hits is a good distraction.  I have also started switching to water after my morning gunga cup of coffee. (I am sure it holds at least 20 oz)

Now to tackle the inventory

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