Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Click on the cabin below to see our family website.
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Thursday, February 4, 2015

This started out as one of those days where it doesn't pay to get out of bed.  So I get up this morning - I can still barely walk.  Went into the kitchen and was greeted by the sight of congealed, greasy, fatty chicken broth all over the counter and floor.  Ugh  Moved the heavy roaster (which didn't help my back) and cleaned up that mess.  Then I noticed that the coffee pot had shut off so the coffee was lukewarm.  Poured a cup and heated it for 30 seconds in the microwave where it over heated and spilled all over the oven. The handle was too hot to hold.  Ouch!  Cleaned up that mess, made another cup and headed for the laundry room with the load of stuff I had used to clean up the congealed, fatty, greasy chicken broth.  And then I remembered I couldn't use the washer because it was leaking.  I have a heavy shelf balanced on the washer and dryer.  I thought I knew where the leak was coming from so I moved the shelf.  What was that definition of insanity?  So I assaulted my poor spasmy back again.

The good new is, the chicken now fits in the roaster,

 and the guys are at a meeting for dinner.  Whoohoo, quilt room here I come!

I never made it to the quilt room.  In my quest to maintain order I decided to deal with the chicken.

I learned this little trick on facebook.  I shredded enough chicken to make 5 batches of cranberry pecan chicken salad, 2 batches of chicken pot pie, and one batch of chicken noodle soup.

It's evening now.  My back is a little better.  Nina and Ben came up this afternoon and are staying over.  Ben came into my sewing room tonight and was fascinated by my sewing machine.

I didn't get any work done downstairs today because of my back.  I did get a stocking and a half done and a lot of quilting.  I started piecing a rail fence/pinwheel quilt that I saw Jenny Doan demonstrating.   I think this may be the pattern I will use for my MSF quilt in April.  It's made with a strip set and a couple of yards of other fabrics for the pinwheels. 

I went shopping online today for a small machine that the girls can use at the kitchen table.  I eventually want to get one for each of them.  They are so cute and come in some really fun colors.  I can use this one for when I go to quilt retreats.  Much less weight to lug around.
I have dinner in the crockpot for tomorrow.  Chicken noodle soup broth with carrots, onions, celery, and the leftover broth that didn't end up on the kitchen counter and floor this morning.  I just have to add the chicken in the morning and the noodles a little before dinner time.  

So even though the day had a rough start, it got better.  Had some fun time with Ben and Nina and some quilting time.  
Life is good.

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